Please provide a short description of the task/process that you would like to propose for automation

Short description of what the task's/process' aim is and list of the main steps required.

This is the first question of a total of 9 questions. We need your answers on all of them, in order to assess the potential of your idea.

For example:

    This task aims to match the incoming payments from clients with the bills issued to them. Main steps required are:
  • download the bank statements from bank portal
  • identify the incoming payments based on key words
  • identify the customer and the payment details
  • posting in SAP the payment against the customer's invoice
  • send report at the end of the day with the postings done

What is the name of the task/process that you would like to recommend for automation?

Please give the automation idea a short and easily identifiable name.

Help us position your idea in the hierarchy

How rule-based is your task?

Here we would like to understand if the performance of the task/process is governed by clear rules. A task/process is rule based if it involves making decisions that can be logically written down in a flowchart.

How would you describe the input data for your task/process?

Here we would like to understand if the input data is digital and to what extent.

Digital data is data that can be stored on a machine: mobile phone, laptop, server etc.

How would you describe the structure of your input data?

Here we would like to understand if your input data is structured or unstructured.

Structured data: has a predictable format, exists in fixed fields (e.g. an xls cell or a field in a form) and is easily detectable via search algorithms. Think about your structured data as: excels, tables with fixed structure, databases where you can easily extract your information through a search function.

Unstructured data: may have its own internal structure, but this is not highly predictable. Examples: web logs, multimedia content, customer service interactions and social media data.

Are you aware of any expected changes to the way you currently perform the activity or process in the following 6 months?

Here we would like to understand how variable is the way in which you perform the task/process.

If you do not have visibility on upcoming changes then you can base your answer on your past experience with the task/process, especially if you have been performing it for a while.

Do you have any documentation regarding this process/activity?

Here we would like to understand to which extent this task/process is already described in written form or could be by the time a go/no go decision is made.

Multiple options can be selected

Detailed Work Instructions

Explains how the process/task should be done at a detailed level (this contains everything a person needs to know to complete the task/process).

Standard Operating procedure

Explains how the process/task should be done at general level.

Task/Process map/flowchart

This is a graphical and sequential representation of the main steps/activities that need to be performed to complete the task/process.

Input/Output Files

These are examples of input data (e.g. a pdf with the bank statement) and output data (SAP report with matched payments)